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Below are just a few testimonials parents and students!


"Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance.  You were amazing to our family through the college process."

"I believe the most helpful service was going through the Common App, applying to UC & Cal State schools, and helping devise strong writing segments for all the essay questions."


"You were very flexible with meeting times, we met at convenient spots, and you were always willing to help and guide me through certain steps outside of meetings, over text or Facetime. Finishing everything early was great so I was not stressed out last minute, like most of my friends!"


"The most helpful service was the college list and possible majors list. This was the foot in the door that was truly needed.  You helped me organize this process much better, making it less stressful as a whole."


"The best part of the process for me was reviewing how to fill out the Common App and UC/Cal State apps and being able to ask questions as they arose for financial aid. Having a contact I could reach when questions (frequently) arose!  Thank you so much for everything!"


"It really eased my stress level having someone with experience guide me through the process.  Even though applications and decisions are overwhelming at times, the relaxed environment in the meetings and the constant access to help really made it manageable.  The personal relationship we formed made it, dare I say, fun for me. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it, especially the essay brainstorm practice and editing process."


"Thank you for working with our daughter.  She is extremely excited about her college choice.  And 11/12 schools accepted is a good percentage!" (Parent of Performing Arts student)


"Thank you so much for your help.  I would’ve never known where to even begin looking without you and I was able to find out things about schools I never would have found on my own."


"The paperwork and guidelines that you gave me kept me on track.  Thank you for your availability (texts) it was very helpful! I think you did a great job!"


"It was an amazing experience working with Michele. The money was worth it 100%. I would highly recommend her!"


"She helped my twins apply to colleges, review essays, answer numerous questions, helped us with all the paperwork. My kids were thoroughly guided through the college process. We loved working with her!"


"I cannot express how thankful I am to have had Mrs. Coleman with me throughout my college application process. The advice and direction she was able to give to me was priceless and I would not be where I am now without her help."


"Michele is very organized, knowledgeable, great with teens and parents."


"Can't say how much I loved that you kept my son on track. I know he was a unique challenge and we had twice the work with double applications/deadlines just to get a live audition...and to so many schools! Super successful process and thanks for your help!"


"The most helpful part of this process was knowing that I had a list and deadlines printed out so I would not miss anything.  Also, if I had questions they were answered!"


"You walk on water as far as myself and husband are concerned. All I wanted for the girls was to have options and not to have to settle. They will both be going to colleges that are perfect fits for them and where I think they will grow and thrive. We could not have done this without you. We are eternally grateful."


"Thank you so much for helping my granddaughter through the college process.  Couldn’t have happened without you!"


"Thank you so much for your help.  I would’ve never known where to even begin looking without you and I was able to find out things about schools I never would have found out on my own!"


"The best part was knowing that I had an expert to help me with a very stressful process."


"Building a college list was the most helpful part of the process.  I had no clue where to even begin!"


"The schedules and excel spreadsheets including each college, deadlines, requirements, strengths and weaknesses were extremely helpful to keep me on track."


"One year ago we thought our daughter had no options for a four-year school.  You not only helped her find one, but many!  We never would have been able to do this without you!"


"The best things were the guidelines that you gave me and your availability by text, phone or meetings!"


"I think you do a great job! You made all of this seem manageable and easy to understand."


"You helped me determine how to find good fit schools to which I applied and was accepted.  Because of what you taught me I felt confident in determining the strengths and weaknesses of schools I visited."


"I would never have even considered Oregon State if it weren’t for your help!"


"Mrs. Coleman covered every topic and service extremely well!"


"You were our leader, advisor, and go-to person.  Having you oversee our process eliminated stress, worries, and “conflict”."


"You helped keep it all together!  At times, I dropped the ball but you were always there to touch base and reassure me that it was “all good”.  I am confident that without you, our college outcome would have been drastically different – and not for the better.  For that, I will be eternally grateful."


"I love Mrs. Coleman!"


"You helped me so much through the process I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Also thank you for all the help with getting in contact with track coaches!  Your assistance is greatly appreciated!"


"I never had the opportunity to properly thank you for your hard work and dedication to my personal success. Your college counseling has enabled me to reach the higher education that I wished for while also finding a home at a university for the next four years. Thank you for countless meetings we had over the course of the years and making sure I was on track with my studies, activities, SAT/ACT tests, and college searching. You helped me narrow down my college search from all possible colleges and universities to a list of 9! Keep the passion for your work and aiding your kids to find their place and career path just as you did with me! Thank you."


"Such a great experience. Such a weight off of our shoulders. We will be using Michele again for our younger daughter."


"Having someone to guide me through this process of applying to multiple schools was so helpful. Even though I live in a different state, communication still worked very well and I felt very comfortable asking questions and voicing concerns. I found my right fit in the schools Ms. Coleman suggested to me, and now I am heading to my dream school!"


"Provided excellent help and advice in where I was deciding. Helped with everything I needed. Extremely happy with all the work and time invested into my searches. Thank you so much for everything."


"Wonderful job!! We appreciate all of your hard work, dedication and patience."


"I loved the way that you dealt directly with the student. I know that my daughter would not have been so quick to meet deadlines if it was me encouraging her to get things in on time. She seemed to be very on top of things knowing she was going to meet with you and your expectations of the work you had assigned them. I appreciate all your research and time spent which I didn't have."


"Thank you so much for everything you've done! I would not be attending a four year without you!"


"Thank you for taking the stress off of us. Thank you for all the help and direction you gave our son. It has been a pleasure working with you, Michele!"


"You were wonderful and helped me find my dream school!"


"You helped me pick great schools and were amazing at correcting my essays."


"The best parts were getting me prepared, meeting often, essay help, talking through processes, helping choose which colleges would be good for me and your support."


"Good guidance and checking in. You helped me find schools I didn’t know about before.

You were able to clearly explain the process, and helped me with all the deadlines I needed to complete months in advance. You are very knowledgeable about what is right for each person, and you were able to make the college application process so much easier!"


"Mrs. Coleman was great at getting me through the college process and keeping me up to date on when things needed to be done. She also responds very quickly!"


"You were very supportive, and offered help whenever it was needed, while giving guidance that was honest!"


"Mrs. Coleman helped me go through the tedious parts of applications. It helps to have someone with experience for that."


"I was able to complete the college application process without much stress, besides the essays, which is something that would not have happened without your help!"

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