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Graduate Services

Applying to graduate school is a different process than applying to college. It can be a long journey and sometimes begins with the question, “Should I even apply to Graduate School?” and/or “How will it help me meet my career and life goals?”


Your second round of questions might be:

  • “Should I apply now or gain experience(s)?”

  • “How will I finance graduate school?”

  • “Which graduate program will work for me?”


Typically, your journey should start with some self-reflection on your part to answer the questions above and those below:


  • What are your academic interests and long-term goals?

  • What kind of degree are you considering?

  • What are your career options and paths?

  • If you are considering a PhD, what are the odds of landing a tenure-track position? What are employment trends?


Based upon the results of the above and an initial consultation, we’ll work to design a plan that includes but is not limited to:


  • A list of programs appropriate to your requirements

  • A review of any pre-requisites.

  • Assessing what volunteer or paid experiences you will need to support your application. If you don’t have those experiences, we will determine ways to have you gain those experiences.

  • An application timeline.

  • Brainstorming, Reviewing, and Revising Statements of Purpose, Personal Statements, and any additional essays that are required.

  • Practice and prepping for interviews as necessary.

  • Developing and or revising your CV/Resume

  • Developing or reviewing your LinkedIn Profile

  • Discussing your best bets for Letters of Recommendation.

  • Financing your Graduate Education


Graduate students work with me Hourly, Monthly, or most often a combination of the two.  It depends on where you are in the process.


Coaching Sessions/Hourly Research or Statement/Essay Review: $150.00 per hour


Unlimited Monthly: $425.00

Allows unlimited contact, research, and meetings for the entire month.  Perfect for when work requires research and application/resume review. Can be renewed for as many or as few months as needed.

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