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11th Grade Services

11th Grade Services

Junior Year is when the planning and preparation switch into action. Junior Services include:


The Comprehensive Package: $3995.00

This is by far the most popular package among my junior families. It includes continuous coaching from our first day together until your student begins college, up to 28 months of unlimited research, and coaching via text, email, and phone. 


Meeting frequency depends on your student’s year in high school.  Typically, we have:

  • Once per month in 11th

  • Up to 4 meetings per month during 12th grade until all applications are submitted, and then as needed until the end of service.

  • 1 meeting during a student’s freshman year in college

I’ll guide you and your student through all aspects of the college search process utilizing private sessions and working through each step together.  We start at the beginning and assess where the student is regarding GPA, Curriculum, and extracurriculars and move to the identification of majors, new opportunities to strengthen their application, eventually working through essays, and applications and ending with decisions and transitions.  


Junior Monthly: $200.00 per month

If you would like to get your student started on the college process but don’t want to fully commit yet due to your student’s busy schedule I offer a renewable monthly service.  Junior year is when the hard work starts on the practical side of college admissions.  Book a month, two, or as many as you need to get your student on track and prepared for applications. One in Fall, One in Spring, both in Spring, etc. it doesn’t matter how many or how few, scheduling and signing, is entirely up to you. There is no commitment, months do not have to be consecutive. Tasks completed depends entirely on the pace of your student.


The Monthly Junior Service is offered from June after Sophomore Year until June of Junior year. Clients can then switch to hourly, the Senior Unlimited Monthly or The Senior Unlimited Comprehensive Package.


This package includes:

  • 1 Meeting per month

  • 30 days of unlimited research and coaching via text, email, and phone.

  • 30 days of unlimited research


It’s surprising how much we can accomplish in a month. Services might include:

  • Review of the High School Plan, Summer Programs, extracurricular review, and a Testing Plan

  • Career/Major Assessments

  • Documenting Activities, Writing Resumes, and learning How to Write the Activities Section for both the UC & Common Apps

  • Building a List & How to Research Colleges

  • Athletic & Visual and Performing Arts Pathways and Requirements

  • A Parent Meeting to learn about Financial Aid (Need & Merit) combined with Scholarship information and tools to start your child thinking about College Costs

  • A review of a student’s college list for balance

  • Brainstorming Exercises and Tips on Completing College Essays.

  • Information on how the process works, deadlines, applications, and the most often needed documents and requirements.

  • College Visits and Demonstrated Interest


Hourly Services: $150.00 per hour

Hourly is perfect if you have some questions, want to have a planning meeting, or want to have your students check in as they prepare for college applications. 

Hourly Blocks of Service

Ask me about booking a few hours to use throughout the year.  Some families just want to know they have a few hours stashed away for questions or working on a resume, for example, but don't want to limit the work to a month or are unable to sign up for a continuous comprehensive service.  We can create a plan that works for you. 


For instance: 2 hours = $300.00, 5 hours = $750.00, etc.


Fee and Cancellation Policies

Fees are pre-paid except for the Comprehensive Package which is paid monthly.

Additional hours for research or meetings may be purchased at the hourly rate of $150.00. All contact, meetings, and research completed on behalf of the client is tracked in 15-minute increments and there are no refunds for meetings or work already completed. It is ultimately the responsibility of the client to schedule meetings.


Cancellation Policies for Hourly Services: All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Image by Jubéo Hernandez
Image by Jubéo Hernandez

What My Clients Say

You were very supportive, and offered help whenever it was needed, while giving guidance that was honest! you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are."
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