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Transfer Services

Coleman College Counseling can help you to determine whether transferring to a 4-year institution is the best option to help you reach your goals, identify what you are seeking from your undergraduate experience, and discover colleges or a plan to reach your goals.


To accomplish this, first we will:

  • Create a Plan: If you know that you will be attending Community College right after high school, it’s best to develop a plan of classes, and determine a major.  That way you will know what concrete steps to take to make your time at CC successful and short. Review the student's academic and activities history and help to establish concrete college and career goals. 

  • Review your college gpa, classes and credits.

  • Plan appropriate courses to take at your current institution to ensure a smooth transition to your transfer school, as well as suggest ways to make the most out of your time in your current school.

  • Develop a list of colleges for the transfer process focused on your particular interests, needs, gpa, credits and probability.

  • Evaluate your interests, skills, and abilities and how they relate to majors and careers.

  • Determine if there might be an alternative path that you would prefer to take: a Gap Year, Volunteer Year, Job Apprenticeship, Internship, Technical Training, etc.

  • Review Transfer path options for the California State Universities, University of California campuses, private colleges, and universities throughout the nation and abroad.

  • Review Articulation Agreements, transfer requirements and Guaranteed Admissions Plans


Coleman College Counseling can help you to:

  • Address specific requirements for: Athletics, Visual and Performing Arts majors, nursing, engineering, etc.

  • Complete applications and brainstorm and develop essays.

  • Review financial aid forms and deadlines.

  • Pre and prepare for Interviews as needed.

Guidance is especially important for transfer applicants because transfer policies at colleges and universities vary widely. Some schools save spots in each class for transfers, so it can be easier to get in as a junior than as a freshman. A few universities (like some University of California campuses) automatically admit transfer applicants who meet certain criteria. Others (like Princeton) don't take transfers at all, or (like Yale) are much harder to get into as a transfer than as a freshman.  Coleman College Counseling can help you create a strategy that helps you find your best fit.


Transfer students work with me Hourly, Monthly, and most often a combination of the two.  It depends where you are in the process.


Coaching Sessions/Hourly Research or Statement/Essay Review: $150.00 per hour


Unlimited Monthly: $425.00

Allows unlimited contact, research, and meetings for the entire month.  Perfect for when work requires research and application/resume review. Can be renewed for as many or as few months as needed.

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