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10th Grade Services

10th Grade Services

Sophomore Year is a chance for students to begin exploring and reflecting on their goals and what they want to achieve in college and beyond.


Here are some but not all of the tasks we can complete during Sophomore Year.

  • Continue High School Planning and Review the results of Freshman Year.

  • Learn how Extracurricular and Volunteer Opportunities can help an application and take action steps to define those that are of interest.

  • Learn about the different types of colleges and what they consider important.

  • Financial Aid: Merit and Need

  • Testing: Should I, Shouldn’t I?

  • Careers & Majors

  • Summer Planning

  • Learning Styles and Study Skills

  • Parent Meeting Financial Aid Meetings

  • How to Build a Resume.

  • Plan for Junior Year courses.


I work with Sophomores in the following ways…


Right Start - Sophomore

This service breaks the year into 2 sessions to allow families flexibility in scheduling.  Services and meetings need to be completed during the specific session and do not roll over into another phase or 11th grade.


Session 1 - Sign up anytime between July after freshman year to January 10th

Fee: $600.00


Session 2 – Sign up anytime between January to June

Fee: $600.00


Combine both sessions at a discounted rate of $1150.00!


The package includes:

  • 2 virtual meetings per session to be used by the parent, the student or together as a family.

  • Unlimited coaching via email and phone for the length of your phase.

  • A College Timeline developed specifically for your student.

  • 2 Guides such as The Facts About College Costs & Funding Options, Factors that Colleges Consider Important – One shared each season.

  • A complimentary Learning Styles Assessment or Study Skills Assessment, one completed each phase.

  • An Activities Tracker to begin tracking activities, honors & awards.

  • Tips and resources to get your student off to the right start in high school.

  • An interest assessment to help your student begin to think about College Majors and Careers.


Additional meetings may be purchased at the hourly rate of $150.00.


The Comprehensive Package: $4495.00

(Fees are paid monthly & divided by the number of months we work together from the date of signing until June of Senior Year.)


If you’d like continuous individual coaching from our first day together until your student begins college, The Comprehensive Package will be right for you. Includes up to 52 months of unlimited research, and coaching via text, email, and phone. 


Meeting frequency depends on your student’s year in high school.  Typically, we have:

  • 2-4 in 10th

  • Once per month in 11th

  • Up to 4 meetings per month in 12th grade until all applications are submitted, and then as needed until the end of service.

  • Monthly meetings in the summer post-high school graduation on an as-needed basis for clients to assist them in transitioning.

  • 1 meeting during a student’s freshman year in college.

  • Unlimited coaching via text, email, and phone.

  • Parent meetings are included.


What does this package include?

Everything your student will need to complete a successful college search! I’ll personally guide you and your student through all aspects of the college search process utilizing private sessions and working through each step together.  We start at the beginning and assess where the student is regarding GPA, Curriculum, and extracurriculars and move to the identification of majors, new opportunities to strengthen their application, and summer programs, eventually working through essays and applications, and ending with decisions and transitions.  


One-hour Zoom Coaching Session: $150.00 per hour

30-minute Phone Call: $75.00

If you have some initial questions about preparing your child for high school, book a one-hour coaching session to get answers to your questions and some help to strategize your child’s next steps.


Fee and Cancellation Policies

Fees are pre-paid except for the Comprehensive Package which is paid monthly. All contact, meetings, and research completed on behalf of the client is tracked in 15-minute increments and there are no refunds for meetings or work already completed. It is ultimately the responsibility of the client to schedule meetings.


Cancellation Policies for Hourly Services: All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Image by Angello Pro
Image by Angello Pro

What My Clients Say

It was an amazing experience working with Michele. The money was worth it 100%. I would highly recommend her!
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