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Freshman & Sophomore Services

The Right Start for Parents' Monthly Coaching Subscription
If you aren’t ready to have your student begin the college application process, but you’d still like access to an expert for answers to all your questions, important updates, and continuous coaching via text and email, a monthly coaching subscription might be just what you’re looking for!  Begin to prepare your student for the college process and stay current with all the trends in College Admissions.
Parents/guardians can sign up at any time after 8th grade and can subscribe monthly until May of Sophomore Year. You’ll have access to me via text, email, and Facebook to answer questions during the entire time of your subscription.
What is included?
Unlimited coaching is available via phone, text, email, and Facebook for the length of your subscription. Access to The Family Hub, a constantly updated site with links, resources, and tips to help you prepare and learn about the college process.

Member Benefits
Members will have access to add-on private coaching sessions with me that can be added at a discounted hourly rate. For pricing inquiries of additional or add-on services, reach out to me at

If at any time during your subscription, you decide to upgrade to either the Freshman or Sophomore Comprehensive Package, all fees paid will be credited to the appropriate year cost. Money paid is non-refundable, but the subscription can be canceled at any time.

Private Coaching
Private sessions are held via Zoom or Google Meet.  Purchase one or as many hours as you’d like. I can work with your student, meet with you, or we can have a family meeting.  It’s never too early to review and develop a plan or discuss any of the topics including but not limited to:
·      Picking Curriculum
·      Summer Plans & Extra-Curricular Activities
·      Learning Styles & Study Skills
·      Financial Aid
·      Athletic Recruitment
·      Visual and Performing Arts Requirements
·      Goal Setting

Comprehensive Packages
If you’d like continuous coaching from our first day together until June of Senior Year, a comprehensive package will be right for you. Included in each package is unlimited research, and coaching via text, email, and phone.  I’ll guide you and your student through all aspects of the college search process utilizing private sessions and working through each step together.  We start at the beginning and assess where the student is in regard to GPA, Curriculum, extra-curriculars, and move to the identification of majors, build a balanced list, essays, applications, decisions, and transitions.    

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