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College Planning Services

High School Students

I work with students in grades 8 - 12.  Services can be provided on hourly, monthly, an Hourly/Monthly Personalized Plan, or a Comprehensive Plan.

Together we can complete the myriad of tasks associated with college applications.  Typical tasks that are covered but are not limited to:

  • Admission Trends

  • Assessing curriculum, GPA, and course selection

  • Testing

  • Extracurriculars including volunteer and summer programs

  • Career/Major Assessment

  • Building Lists

  • Essays

  • Applications

  • Financial Aid

  • Decisions


Our very first step together is to have a brief complimentary discovery call to assess your needs and my services.  From there we will build a plan that is unique to your family and student. Fees vary according to your needs and your student's year in school.

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Transfer Students

Are you entering a community college and need a solid plan to transfer in 2 years, already enrolled and need help determining your best choices, or currently in a four-year college or university and are interested in transferring? I can help!

To accomplish this, first, we will:

  • Review your college GPA, classes, and credits

  • Plan appropriate courses to take at your current institution to ensure a smooth transition as well as suggest ways to make the most of your time at your current college.

  • Develop a specific plan and list of colleges for the transfer process focused on your particular interests and needs.

  • Evaluate your interests skills and abilities and how they relate to your majors and career

  • Determine if there might be an alternative path that you would prefer to take: Gap Year, Volunteer Year, Job Apprenticeship, Internships, Technical Training & Certifications, etc.

Then we will:

  • Determine admission requirements and timelines

  • Develop essays and complete applications

  • Review transfer options for the California State Universities, University of California campuses and provate colleges and universities throughout the nation and abroad

  • Review Articulation Agreements, transfer requirements, and Guaranteed Admission plans

  • Discuss Financial Aid Forms and Deadlines 

  • Address specific requirements for athletics and visual and performing arts majors.

  • Address requirements for programs such as nursing, engineering, etc.


I work with transfer students using a combination of hourly and monthly services.  Connect with me to see where you're at, and what you need, then we will develop a plan to help you achieve your goals.

Graduate Applicants

Applying to graduate school is not a decision to take lightly and requires reflection and preparation.  It's not only a time commitment but a financial investment as well.  Whether you're a freshman in college considering graduate school, a senior who is about to graduate, or someone who has graduated and is considering returning to school to increase your career options.  I can assist clients with the following and more:


  • Self-Reflection and Assessment - Why do you feel that you are a good candidate for graduate school? What are your academic interests and long-term goals? What kind of degree are you considering? What are your career options and paths? If you are considering a Ph.D., what are to odds of landing a tenure-track position? What are employment trends?

  • Masters or Ph.D.? Which path is better suited to your academic and career goals? What is the time commitment?

  • School Selection

  • Application Strategy, Requirements, and Deadlines

  • Essay Structuring and Editing

  • Personal Statement Review

  • Recommender Selection: Who should write them and when?

  • CV/Resume

  • Financial Aid: How will I pay for my education?  What choices are available and which one would be right for me?

I work with graduate students using a combination of hourly and monthly services.  Connect with me to see where you're at and what you need, then we will develop a plan to help you achieve your goals.

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