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Students complete a variety of applications as they apply to college, as a transfer, and as a graduate student.  Some colleges will allow a student to pick between 2 different applications, some have college-specific applications on their websites.  Graduate applicants usually apply directly on the college or program-specific website.  Some programs, Med School, PA, etc. have their application systems.  Below are the most commonly used application systems for undergrad and transfer students. To determine which application a college uses for each level of applicant I suggest visiting each college or program website to confirm the application process.


Knowing which application or applications a college uses, will help a student complete less work.  In other words, if most of your colleges or programs are one application, there is no need to complete the same information multiple times.

The most frequently used application for undergrad or transfer applications.  Most US and some international colleges use this application. This is a great resource that can help students to complete the Common App:.

The University of California systems uses one application for undergrad and transfer students.  Graduate applicants will have to visit each UC website and search for their specific program application.

Cal State Apply is the only application system used by all 23 California State universities.

Texas also has an almost system-wide application that is used by many of the Texas public colleges.

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