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Careers & Majors

There are many websites and resources that can help you determine your major or career.  Most often it helps to work with a coach or counselor to help you reflect, questions, and set goals and development plans, but you can also accomplish on your own with a bit of motivation and patience.  

Searching for a job is definitely something that can be accomplished virtually, and there are many job search sites available.  I'll share just a few.

Truity is one of the best sites to help you identify your interests and personality and learn how those affect your choice of major and career.  It is also free!


O*Net Online is one of the oldest and most complete listings of jobs.  It has information that lets you dive deep into a job, it's environment, potential growth, education requirements, salary, and daily job tasks.  


Explore almost any major using this website.  It's also helpful to simply Google: "What can I do with a major in.......?"  


Internships & Jobs

If you are a current college student or recent grad, visit your college's Career Services Center.  They can help with connecting you to internships, interviews, and alumni.  It goes without saying that every college student and beyond needs a LinkedIn Profile.  It can be used for job research, informational interview connections, and college and graduate program research.  There are several ways to connect and make it work for you.  Ask me how!

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