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Seniors: 8 things to do while you wait for Admissions Decisions!

Finish Strong! This might just be the most important task you can do while you wait. Keep studying and retain the level of grades that you had when you completed your applications. Colleges typically make determinations of your acceptance based on your grades through Junior year or first semester Senior year. Their acceptance is in fact, conditional. You must make sure that you fulfill the requirements of your application. Which simply means that you don’t drop, fail or have a D grade during your final semester. They can and will rescind their acceptance based on your final transcripts that are sent in July.

Financial Aid: Continue to check each specific college school portal for messages requiring any additional financial aid forms or documentation. You will probably work with your parents on these forms, so gently nudge them to make sure all documentation has been completed. Many schools may ask for school specific forms or copies of tax documents. You can also take time while you wait to continue to search for scholarships at free scholarship websites.

Check College Specific Portals: Not only will colleges use these as a way to release financial aid decisions, they will also be used to track required forms, documents and release admission decisions. Make it a habit to check these sites frequently to keep track of important dates, deadlines and forms. AP Exams: Study for your final exams. Obtaining a 4 or 5 on your AP exams may just save you some time and money while you are in college. Many schools will use the results to award you credit for classes. Thus decreasing the amount of overall credits required to graduate, and decreasing the amount of money required for college.

Summer: Plan your summer. Search for part-time work that will not only allow you to save for expenses but perhaps connect you to a future career. Internships, volunteer or paid work experience can be a great way of getting your foot in the door for your future!

Thank-you Letters: Take some time and let your recommenders know how thankful you are that they took the time to write a letter on your behalf. Old-fashioned pen and paper thank-you notes will really make an impression, but a short note via email will also be thoughtful.

Decision Making Charts or Lists: If you’ve already received some acceptances begin to take notes, make lists or chart pros and cons. Include room and board costs and options, travel expenses, financial aid awards received. Keeping track will help you make final decisions.

Enjoy Senior Year: Realize that you only have one senior year in high school and enjoy the activities that celebrate your accomplishments. Go to Prom, Senior Day, Awards Nights. Be happy in the fact that you have achieved and gotten through four very hard years. Spend quality time with friends. You may not have the same opportunities to connect while you are all away at college.


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