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Free Online ACT Prep!

Some great news from ACT! Just as the SAT has free online prep through Khan Academy, now ACT offers free online prep through the ACT Academy. This is wonderful news as many students are terrific at self-paced online learning, and it is available to everyone, for free! Below is from the ACT Academy release.

“The free, online learning platform is designed to help students around the world pinpoint areas of academic weakness, improve their ACT scores and master the core skills they need to prepare for success in college and career. ACT, created ACT Academy to help students improve their academic skills by giving

them access to the world’s leading collection of online learning resources. ACT Academy is

able to deliver an individualized learning plan tailored to each student’s particular academic needs. Suzana Delanghe, ACT chief commercial officer. “We are excited to make this resource available to everyone, worldwide, for free.” Each student receives a personalized study plan, based on ACT Academy’s diagnostics or scores on the ACT test, PreACT® or an official ACT practice test.” The site is compatible with all devices, allowing students to work on building their skills anytime, anywhere they have internet access. Check out the site ACT Academy!

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