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Let me coach you on the best path to transfer.  Whether you're entering a community college and need a solid plan to transfer in 2 years, are already enrolled and need help determining your best choices, or are currently in a four year and are interested in moving to a different college or university. 

To accomplish this, first, we will:

  • Review your college GPA, classes, and credits

  • Plan appropriate courses to take at your current institution to ensure a smooth transition as well as suggest ways to make the most of your time at your current college.

  • Develop a specific plan and list of colleges for the transfer process focused on your particular interests and needs.

  • Evaluate your interests skills and abilities and how they relate to your majors and career

  • Determine if there might be an alternative path that you would prefer to take: Gap Year, Volunteer Year, Job Apprenticeship, Internships, Technical Training & Certifications, etc.

Then we will:

  • Determine admission requirements and timelines

  • Develop essays and complete applications

  • Review transfer options for the California State Universities, University of California campuses and provate colleges and universities throughout the nation and abroad

  • Review Articulation Agreements, transfer requirements, and Guaranteed Admission plans

  • Discuss Financial Aid Forms and Deadlines 

  • Address specific requirements for athletics and visual and performing arts majors.

  • Address requirements for programs such as nursing, engineering, etc.


Let me help you create a strategy that helps you find your best fit.

Service Options

Coaching Sessions and Research - Hourly

Unlimited Monthly 

Allows unlimited contact, research, and meetings for the entire month.  Perfect for when work requires research and application/essay review.  Can be renewed for as many or as few months as needed.

Transfer Services

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