Transfer Advising

Transfer Students

Let me coach you on the best path to transfer.  Whether you are entering a community college and need a solid plan to transfer in 2 years, or you are already enrolled and need help determining your best choices, or you are currently in a four year and are interested in moving to a different school. 


Transferring brings with it a varied list of requirements and unique deadlines.  I can help you:

  • Understand the best path you enter a community college to help you complete your options in 2 years and then transfer.

  • Understand what Guaranteed Transfer means, the differences between transferring to a CSU, a UC and Private Schools.

  • I'll help you develop a list of schools, determine the appropriate deadlines and requirements.

  • Look at alternatives, particularly if you are an adult learner.

  • Provide essay and personal statement guidance and review


Coleman College Counseling can help you create a strategy that helps you find your best fit.