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Seniors: You’re In! Now what?

Now that most admissions decisions have arrived, you may have already sent your deposit to the school of your choice or you may still be deciding. What follows are some strategies and reminders to help you complete the process that you started Oh So Long Ago!

Remember to:

Check your admitted school portal to ensure that all required financial documents have been completed. You will, or may have already realized that most schools will release your formal financial aid award letter through this site. So keep checking. Sometimes those award letters don’t offer what you hoped or need, so keep in mind under certain circumstances you can file an appeal to your award letter. Contact me if you need help!

Keep searching for scholarships!

Make a final visit before committing to a school. Admitted student days or weekends allow you to get to know the school in a new way. Some offer class visits or overnights in the dorms. It’s a great way to validate your feelings for a college.

Waitlisted? Students often have questions about waitlists. Mainly, how much of a chance do I have to come off the waitlist? Let’s be honest, your chance is very low. (Read this blog article to learn more, ) The best idea is to first decide, yes or no. Yes, I want to accept a spot or no, take me off. If your answer is yes, notify your waitlist schools, send any new documentation they will allow. Make it clear that if you are accepted off the waitlist you will attend. Then, forget about the waitlist and move forward with another school that loves you more. It’s important to realize that all the schools on your list are schools you wanted to attend in the first place. So go with a school that sees your amazing skills, personality and contributions and that has offered you a coveted spot. Be happy with your choice and move forward. Send your enrollment deposit to the school that has shown you love. If, and it’s a big if, your waitlist school calls and offers you a spot, take some time and decide if you want to attend. If your answer is yes, then send your new deposit, and contact all of your other schools and let them know you will not be attending. Still have questions? Contact me!

Send in your enrollment deposit by the National Enrollment Date of May 1!

Pay strict attention to deadlines for financial aid, loans, scholarships.

Send your housing deposit by the date indicated by the college.

Check your email for notes from the school about Orientation, Roommate surveys, Forms to complete, Registration dates, etc.

Once you have selected your chosen school, notify all colleges that accepted you to inform them you will not be attending. If you release your spot, someone else might get some good news!

Send your final transcript if required, usually by July 15, but be sure to check the deadline.

Attend new student orientation. Sometimes it’s a few days, sometimes a week, sometimes in the summer sometimes and sometimes the first week of school. Go, it will help you adjust, make friends, feel comfortable and have fun!

Roommates! Chances are you will know who your roommate will be prior to arriving. Reach out to them, and talk a bit. It will help you feel more comfortable when you arrive and you can work out all the details. Like who is bringing the fridge, or microwave, you know, important things!

Research your new “home” for the next 4 years. Find 3 clubs or organizations and commit to attending their first meeting. It will help you meet people, even if you never go back. Keep your dorm door open, it will help you connect with others. Get out of your room and go to every crazy freshman “meeting” you can find. It might be movie nights, Smore’s nights, pizza night. Volunteer if you see signs around campus looking for help. Sign-up for intramural sports, the Quidditch Team, whatever makes you happy. Get involved, I promise it will pay off!

Your first semester is crucial to embracing your new situation and your new environment. Realize there will probably be a period where you are uncomfortable, feel lost, maybe be homesick. It’s normal. Also realize that colleges have a vast array of support services. If you need to talk about how you are feeling, go talk to somebody. Remember you are not alone. You are not the only freshman. Above all, embrace your experiences and the wonderful opportunity you have to grow, gain new knowledge, new friends and an amazing foundation for your future.


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