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College Admissions Counseling

     The college admissions process has become complex, confusing, and stressful. There are a variety of applications to complete, college essays to write, and transcripts and test scores to be sent.  Yet there is limited opportunity for the typical high school student to acquire guidance for the process from their high school counselor. The American School Counselors Association recommends a ratio of 250 students to one high school guidance counselor. Yet the average ratio in California is 945 students to 1 counselor. Coleman College Counseling offers several packages to assist your student as they proceed through the confusing and stressful college search process. 



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Middle School

Start early and help prepare your child for high school.  Let me coach you along the way.



Plan early for academics, extra-curricular activities and  the costs of college.



10th grade brings plans for standardized tests, summer programs, resumes, athletic recruitment and much more!



The real process starts now by following through on the plan.  Taking the tests, getting the grades, making the connections as well as building the list, applications and the beginning of essays.



Senior year brings with it completed applications, essays, interviews, visits, financial aid forms. Yikes!



Need some last minute help to edit your essays?  I have a plan for that too!