College Admissions Counseling

The college admissions process has become complex, confusing, and stressful. There are a variety of applications to complete, college essays to write, transcripts and test scores to be sent.  Yet there is limited opportunity for the typical high school student to acquire guidance for the process from their high school counselor. The American School Counselors Association recommends a ratio of 250 students to one high school guidance counselor. The average ratio in California is 945 students to 1 counselor. So how can I help?

Every year I work with students and families on their college application process.  Tracking details, keeping up on trends, and staying abreast of new developments to help families enjoy the journey and shoulder some of the pressure for them.  Below are some of the things we accomplish together and how we accomplish them.

Who do I work with and when?

I work with every type of high school student, from athletes, academic students, those that struggle a bit, visual and performing arts students to everyone in between.  Students and families work only with myself, thus ensuring individual attention. The process really is an adventure and a journey that is different for every student and family.  Students can begin as early as 9th grade. 

What we do together to complete a successful college search?

Listed below are just some of the key components that need to be accomplished for a successful college search.


Plan & Review

All students and families start here to develop a plan for high school.  Included but not limited to are the following:

  • A Parent Financial Overview

  • An Academic Plan

  • A Testing Plan

  • Extra-Curricular Plan

  • Plans for extra classes or Summer Programs

  • Plans for Internships and or Job Shadow Opportunities

  • Curriculum and GPA Reviews of previous years to find out where a student has been, where they are now, and where they need to be in regards to academic rigor – Freshman Year


Preparation is the phase where we put those plans into action, evaluate them, revise them, and prepare additional components. Some steps included are:

  • An update to the testing plan

  • Referral for test prep

  • A discussion and strategy for attending College Fairs

  • An Assessment for skills and interests and how those relate to majors and careers: Career Key,, Myers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory

  • A review of the Extra-Curricular Plan

  • Completion of the Decision-Making Factors Worksheet

  • If your student is an athlete, we will discuss all the steps necessary for athletic recruitment.

  • If your student wants to pursue any discipline in a Visual and Performing Arts discipline we will discuss all the steps necessary to create a successful search.

  • We will develop a Personal Resume

  • Discuss proper Social Media Strategies

  • Review Letters of Recommendations

  • Learn about Demonstrated Interest

  • Discuss and schedule Campus Visits

  • Build the College List

  • Create strategies for your Scholarship Search


This is the doing phase where applications are completed and essays are written. Every piece of the application will be reviewed and sent.

  • We will make sure testing is complete

  • Review all applicable applications

  • Complete all applications

  • All deadlines will be tracked and due dates are given

  • Brainstorm, draft, and revise personal statements, school-specific supplementals, and UC Prompts

  • Every teacher and counselor will be invited, every transcript and test score will be sent.

  • Parents will receive guidance on all financial aid forms and deadlines.


Eventually decisions will be made and deposits sent in.  I also assist parents and families with admissions and financial aid appeals.

Please Note:  Completion of the above and in what detail depends on the package and the time during high school that a student and family sign.

What services and plans do I offer?

I offer a range of plans depending on grade level and budget.  They range from 30-minute coaching phone calls to a 4-year Unlimited Comprehensive Plan.  Please contact me to discuss your needs so that we can find the appropriate plan to fit your student and budget.  As the first step I offer a free 30-minute phone call to discuss my services and to see if they will fit your family.