Career Coaching Services


Choosing a college major, internship or your first job can be difficult and overwhelming. Assessments, reflection, and practical tools can provide direction and focus. Coleman College Counseling assists clients to determine interests, values, and abilities.  Using various assessments based on the Holland Code and MBTI, clients will gain valuable insight into their interests, preferences, and personal styles.


The services below are tailored to individual needs:


  • Interest, Value, and Personality Assessments and Interpretation

  • College Major Identification

  • Career fields that are based on personality preferences

  • Understand personality and how it relates to career planning, college experiences, learning styles, strengths, and blind spots

  • Utilize online resources that match career and education options to personality type for targeted career planning. 

  • Examine occupations, read job descriptions and view related college majors.

  • Individualized comprehensive career reports.

  • Cover Letters & Resume Writing

  • Job Search and Interview Techniques

  • Linked-In Strategies

  • Personal Branding and Networking Statements